• 28 Nov 2022
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Article Summary

This version is no longer supported, please upgrade to the latest version

Support lifecycle for the Liquit Workspace product is available here.



  • A connector running on a satellite server can give access denied messages.
  • Unable to save changes to LDAP authentication methods when using an empty secret for federation.
  • Unable to search for a number within the workspace.



  • PowerShell cmdlets don't set return value to null when an exception occurs.



  • Unable to save context filters when 'HTTP Header Value' filter is used.



  • Detach Virtual Disk action doesn't always work when using wildcard in the mount point field.
  • Export a grid as Excel doesn't work in some cases.
  • When adding a new package entitlement to a user it will not always be shown in the grid until a manual refresh.
  • A script error can occur when opening the report dashboard within the Liquit Launcher.
  • Context filter can fail when using a single quote in an input field.



  • Deleting an action within a package the confirmation dialog doesn't close after clicking "Confirm".
  • Saving the overview page on a zone the form will not unlock for further modifications.



  • Updated connector name from Microsoft WVD to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.
  • Updated EULA to July 2021 version.


  • Cancel button within user portal triggers confirmation dialog.



  • Shortcuts could use a white icon on the Desktop/Taskbar/Start Menu.
  • Desktop/Taskbar/Start Menu icons are not updated when icon is updated within packages.
  • Possible to click twice on a delete action while delete operation is still in progress in the background.
  • Extra white space between some checkboxes within Setup Store wizards.
  • Unable to add/update personal package if a non-image file is selected as icon.
  • Latest iPadOS is not detected as iOS.



  • WVD connector now uses the new rdpw file extension.
  • SAML Identity Provider sets time restrictions to the conditions within a SAML reponse.


  • Identity Source Azure AD doesn't support nested groups with contact filtering.
  • Identity Sources could lose contact group filter setting after changing contact attributes.
  • Packages could auto launch when user set before disabling auto launch on the package.



  • Repair option is unavailable when install action set was added after a launch action set.
  • Unable to open an assigned package from a license in the management interface.
  • Launcher window could be opened twice in some cases.



  • Improved network error handling for Azure Blob Storage.
  • Improved authentication security.



  • Invalid characters in filenames voor desktop and startmenu icons are not filtered.
  • Launcher start option in agent configuration is not respected in some situations.
  • Autocomplete of variables does not work when clicked with the mouse.



  • Column filtering does not work on the resource view of the Setup Store connector.
  • Deployment window is shown again after deployment if canceling is disabled.



  • After renaming virtual host of a zone, the old virtual host stays reachable until a restart.
  • Credential template domain prefix is ignored for the first time when using the agent.
  • Missing icon when a catalog request is pending or denied.



  • Azure AD identity source can cause Liquit service crash when Azure AD is not functional.



  • Added support for third-party integrations with the REST API.
  • Improve offline mode detection for the agent.


  • Unable to search text with the & character in grids.
  • Duplicate events can be uploaded if multiple refreshes of the agent is started simultaneously.
  • Platform filter within Contexts doesn't work when an agent isn't running.



  • When userhost is started via shellapi, the login is skipped when the launcher isn't set to auto start.



  • Internal Server Error when accessing the Setup Store connector using a stale zone license.
  • Missing title translations for IDP errors.



  • Satellite server doesn't always use the latest connector settings until a restart of the Satellite service.
  • File browser when the agent is running could set the value to '[object object]' when agent returns an error.
  • Removing a package from the package overview, resets the search results.



  • Improved timeout handling when using Azure Blob storage.


  • Removing a local storage override on a server will not properly show the Azure blob settings until re-opening the page.
  • Adding an extra Liquit Workspace server could temporarly show a higher total content count compared to existing Liquit Workspace servers.
  • Trying to remove a non existent file causes replication error when Azure Blob storage is used in a multi server configuration.
  • Unable to upload a 0 byte size file when using Azure blob storage.



  • Introduction screen "Contacts" and "Catalog" links point to the wrong section.
  • Wrong synchronization menu is displayed on the SCCM connector from the list view.
  • Unable to add user to a SCCM unscoped list.
  • Login button doesn't work on satellite server.
  • OAuth redirect url is not valid when using a non default port.
  • Setup Store connector sometimes gives timeout error when adding/updating multiple packages.



  • Copying packages can result in double escaped special characters in package name.
  • Javascript error can occur while switching between pages quickly.
  • System Updates install option is visible on dashboard while the user does not have permissions.
  • Action Open URL can open a pop-up instead of a new browser tab with Internet Explorer 11.
  • The option 'Modify after creation' in the add variable wizard does not work.



  • Identity source LDAP can report 'No servers configured' when all configured servers are marked bad.
  • Unable to pair a satellite server with a zone that has CORS security enabled.
  • The load balancer health check page can take too long when using Azure blob storage.
  • UserHost can crash with a message about a NullPointerException in the Windows event log.



  • Deployment package filters could show 'Unknown' references to contexts.



  • Stop process action can report errors on processes that are already closed.
  • Load Balancer check (/api/server/status) fails when Azure Blob storage with SAS authentication is used.
  • "Modify group membership" action errors are not reported when agent is used.
  • Catalog media description changes not being detected by connector.
  • Agent no longer works when sysprep is executed after the agent has been installed.
  • Agent sometimes doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10 Version 20H2.



  • Added ignoreUnknownZones server option, when enabled triggers a 404 error when a Liquit zone is not configured.


  • A corrupt managed desktop icon causes the native icon feature to stop working.
  • UserHost not available errors in agent log when the deployment process is started by shellapi.exe.
  • Excel export has a maximum of 2000 lines.
  • HTTPS redirection doesn't work when directly going to index.html or login.html.
  • Failed content uploads can result in tmp files not being removed from the content store.
  • Unable to download content when a field is read-only.
  • Application distribution could trigger 100% cpu load on servers.



  • Pop-up blocker detection reports false positives for web auto launches.
  • Modifying a FAQ entry reults in a database error.
  • Website url in catalog is limited to 50 characters.



  • RDS connector could fail with the message "Provider load failure".
  • Uploaded script didn't support UTF-8.
  • The sorting in stored views were not correct.
  • Liquit Workspace Connector did not synchronize entitlements when a "user login" / "user logout" or "device shutdown" triggers were used.
  • A JavaScript error could occur when using the copy text button.
  • Clean sessions task could trigger a time-out.
  • New connectors that are accessed through a satellite server could return an empty resource list.



  • Credentials could be ignored when using in an action.



  • Optimized Clean Events task.
  • Increased timeout for removing a zone from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.



  • An expired session could trigger a javascript warning.
  • Agent registration doesn't work properly for users without a workspace.
  • Tags are missing in the Catalog filter menu.
  • PowerShell can return corrupted results on large data sets.
  • PowerShell can't list resources of a pull connector.



  • Packages assigned to refresh event aren't triggered when version 3.6.2174 is installed.



  • Application distribution could trigger 100% cpu load on servers.
  • Changes in the packages catalog page could be lost when switching pages.



  • Following languages have been added to the Setup Store Connector:
    • Chinese (Traditional)
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Turkish
    • Norwegian
    • Danish
    • Japanese


  • Exporting from a RDS connector could trigger a "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error.
  • RDS Connector icons do not work from version 3.6.2139 or higher.



  • Agent could delay Windows shutdown.
  • Website URL in the user catalog could be invalid in some in cases.



  • Drive mappings could fail silently without reporting an error.



  • Added support for upcoming august 2020 update for Microsoft WVD.


  • Device assigned packages on the Liquit Logon event trigger sometimes fail to start.



  • Search results in contacts could trigger a JavaScript error.
  • Agent reports regex errors in log file when content-disposition header doesn't include a filename on content downloads.
  • File uploads sometimes trigger a false positive security block.



  • Added support for third-party programs to utilize Agent API.


  • Timeout issues on creating or updating multiple resources from a connector.
  • Deployment progress bar does not correctly show installation progress.
  • JavaScript error in the Launcher when trying to select a file within a Personal Package or action.
  • [object Object] is displayed in script field when opening an Uploaded Script action.
  • When Azure Blob Storage is enabled with Direct Access, downloading files uses the ID as filename.


This update for Liquit Workspace focuses on hardening security. We have enhanced the following components:

  • Multiple security enhancements after external audit.

Identity Sources

Introduced account lockout on the local identity source, the following options are configurable:

  • Control after what time period the login attempts need to be reset.
  • How many invalid log in attempts are allowed before the lockout will be applied.
  • The duration of the lockout.

A password policy for the local identity source has been introduced, the following options can be configured:

  • Minimum length of the password.
  • Define how many characters of the password need to be a letter.
  • Define how many characters of the password need to be a number.
  • Define how many characters of the password need to be a non-alphanumeric character.


  • To change the password for the logged in LOCAL user requires to supply the current password before you have the ability to change it.


  • Support for nested variables has been added.



  • Reporting configuration now includes a status of the last synchronization and additional details when an error has occured.
  • Added "Test connectivity" option to reporting, that allows you to immediatly check if the hosted Reporting service can succesfully connect with the local zone based on the configuration.
  • Improved support for upcoming changes to web browsers involving how popups are handled.


  • StartConnected option has no effect in agent.
  • Direct Access configuration is shown when local storage is configured.
  • Windows Server 2019 is detected as Windows Server 2016.



  • In some cases Device Diagnostics could produce an Access Denied error.
  • When requesting an application in the user catalog within the agent could trigger a javascript error.
  • Changing a package name could trigger a JavaScript error.


MSIX app attach support

Visually configure MSIX app attach feature for Windows 10 2004 or higher devices.

The following actions are added to support MSIX app attach:

  • Attach Virtual Disk
  • Detach Virtual Disk

The existing “Install Windows App” action is improved by adding the “Stage in-place" option, which allows installing Windows Apps (MSIX) in-place, without installing the necessary files within Windows.

Liquit Workspace allows you to use MSIX app attach on demand, this means Virtual Disks will be attached when the affected application is started.

Additionally Liquit Setup Commander allows you to quickly create MSIX packages and MSIX app attach disks.

Microsoft WVD ARM support (Preview)

Support for Windows Virtual Desktops is enhanced further, allowing to import both ARM and non-ARM based resources.

OAuth2 Identity Provider

It is now possible to integrate applications with Liquit Workspace for Single Sign On using the OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect frameworks. Identity providers require the Liquit Access Manager license.

Enhanced User Catalog

Packages are enriched with additional content which end-users can use to select the applications they need.

  • All catalog related fields have now been moved to the Catalog tab.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can now be added on a package.
  • Reviews can now be managed from the package management interface.
  • Pricing information is now shown to the end-user for a specific package, by using the existing License feature.
  • Media can now be added to packages.

Reporting (Preview)

Respond quickly to any issue by utilizing continuous and proactive monitoring of the applications within your environment. The basic version of reporting is included with every Liquit Workspace license and can be activated within Liquit Workspace, up to three months of data will be preserved when this feature is activated.

Delta Synchronization for Azure AD

Only changes within the Azure AD are synchronized in Liquit Workspace, which significantly improves performance for Azure AD.

Direct Access for Azure Blob Storage

When using the Azure Blob storage to store all uploaded content within Liquit Workspace, it's now possible to activate the new Direct Access feature that allows all agents and web content to access content directly from Azure Blob Storage, so content is not downloaded from the Liquit Workspace servers.

Other notable changes

  • Liquit Workspace 2.6 agents are no longer supported and will not be able to connect after installing this update.
  • Liquit Workspace Connector no longer supports connecting to Liquit Workspace 2.6 environments.
  • Following events have been added that allows you to start packages:
    • Windows Logon
    • Windows Logout
    • Device Shutdown
  • Internal notes field has been added to packages.
  • Changes to storage settings can now be applied from the management interface, without needing to restart servers for the changes to take effect.
  • All devices group has been added, allowing you to easily target all devices.
  • Tray icon can now be disabled within the Agent.xml.
  • Wait for input option on "Prompt User" action, allows non-blocking informative messages.
  • Override default “Liquit” Start Menu folder within the Agent.xml.
  • Only show Liquit Login screen (when launcher is disabled) when user can not automatically sign in.
  • Support for dynamic variables that can use information (Username/Password) from credential objects.
  • Variables can be marked as sensitive, to hide values from the end user.
  • Enriched diagnostics sections with more detailed information about the current user environment.

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