• 05 Mar 2021
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  • When userhost is started via shellapi, the login is skipped when the launcher isn't set to auto start.
  • Active state icons in the details view of the workspace are hidden when tiles option is enabled.



  • Unable to see state of Auto launch/favorite in the workspace context menu.



  • Internal Server Error when accessing the Setup Store connector using a stale zone license.
  • Missing title translations for IDP errors.
  • Dark theme item colors of breadcrumb bar not consistent like the Default theme.
  • Large zoom in/out signs on the Workspace/Contacts page when using the Classic/Dark theme in IE/Launcher.
  • Classic theme is missing cog wheel when installing an application.
  • Create personal app + icon on the Workspace not centered when 'Tile' option is enabled.



  • Satellite server doesn't always use the latest connector settings until a restart of the Satellite service.
  • File browser when the agent is running could set the value to '[object object]' when agent returns an error.
  • Removing a package from the package overview, resets the search results.
  • Long names of objects are displayed on multiple lines on management pages.
  • Display name change on LOCAL users isn't immediatly visible.
  • Clicking on a Windows native (Desktop, Start Menu and Taskbar) icon for non-primary shortcuts will do nothing.
  • Workspace icon positions and catalog state could be lost when switching between multiple major versions of the agent for a single user.
  • Ratings in workspace and catalog aren't correctly displayed.
  • Locked icon is not displayed on locked settings within the user portal.



  • Satellite Server has been updated with the latest UI.


  • Removing a local storage override on a server will not properly show the Azure blob settings until re-opening the page.
  • Adding an extra Liquit Workspace server could temporarly show a higher total content count compared to existing Liquit Workspace servers.
  • Trying to remove a non existent file causes replication error when Azure Blob storage is used in a multi server configuration.
  • Unable to upload a 0 byte size file when using Azure blob storage.
  • Icons are not visible in the "Views" dropdown list on grids.
  • 'Reboot' action fails to execute when using a 3.7 agent.



  • Added toolbar buttons for refresh/export/search to grids within diagnostic pages.


  • Contact text is not defined by theme colors.
  • Application update progress could get stuck when refreshing the workspace multiple times within a short time period.
  • Giving and losing focus on the search field within grids causes the grid to refresh in both Internet Explorer and the Liquit Launcher.
  • "Ignore errors" checkbox changes under packages/actions aren't saved.
  • Missing drag & drop icon for action sets.
  • Reordering the position of an Action Set isn't saved.
  • Introduction screen "Contacts" and "Catalog" links point to the wrong section.
  • Wrong synchronization menu is displayed on the SCCM connector from the list view.
  • Unable to add user to a SCCM unscoped list.
  • Login button doesn't work on satellite server.
  • OAuth redirect url is not valid when using a non default port.
  • Setup Store connector sometimes gives timeout error when adding/updating multiple packages.


UI overhaul

The user interface has been updated to create a more consistent workflow.

  • Multiple fields support Markdown through a WYSIWYG editor
  • All grids support search, refresh (where applicable) and export
  • Application catalog information can be directly edited from a catalog item


  • Open URL action will now by default use the current browser (including private mode)
  • Open URL can now force private mode for multiple browsers (agent required)
  • Action modify group membership supports Azure AD
  • A new "release overview" has been added to the package overview for DTAP information
  • Improved handling of action reboot
  • Unattended Deployment without User Session
  • Packages now supports multiple shortcuts
  • Package media now supports embedding Youtube video's

Identity Sources

  • OAuth configuration for an Azure AD identity source can be done by only supplying a tenant ID
  • Azure AD identity source supports domain hint

Other notable changes

  • UserSID is available as a variable
  • On a credential it is now possible to see the dependencies
  • Global list of tasks has been added
  • Server specific list of tasks has been added
  • New scheduled tasks will not start when a server is in maintenance mode
  • Last logged in user have been added to the device overview
  • The Setup Store connector now supports multiple shortcuts
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