Deployment with Intune
  • 13 Jan 2023
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Deployment with Intune

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It's possible to deploy the bootstrapper within Intune.

Step-by-step instructions

Download required tools

First download the latest version of the bootstrapper here. Then download the latest version of IntuneWinAppUtil here.

Create Agent Configuration

Next you need to create a valid Agent configuration. See our docs for more information on creating an Agent configuration file. It's very important the device can be registered and the Context is on "Device".

It is also important that Deployment.Autostart.Enabled is true, Deployment.Enabled is true, and Deployment.Start is false. This will be done automatically by the Bootstrapper and the installer. If you run the installer without the Bootstrapper you MUST set these flags correctly.

NOTE: The deployment start must be false because the bootstrapper will trigger the deployment.

Example Agent.XML


Prepare app for Intune

Next, create a folder and copy the Agent.XML and AgentBootstrapper.exe to it.


Now start IntuneWinAppUtil.exe as Administrator from any folder and navigate to the folder of the Agent.XML and AgentBootstrapper.exe, then press Enter.


Next you'll have to specify a setup file. In our case this is AgentBootstrapper-, then press Enter.


Specify the output folder. For example "C:\Output".


Press "N" when prompted for the catalog folder, then press Enter.


Now navigate to the output folder to find the .intunewin file.


Upload to Intune

To finish the setup, upload this file to by creating a Windows app (Win32).


Next, specify the install command (see docs). For example:

AgentBootstrapper- /startDeployment /waitForDeployment /logPath=c:\install

Then create a detection rule for the Agent.exe. For example:

Folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Liquit Workspace\Agent\ File: Agent.exe

Finally, assign the app to a specific group and test the deployment.


Microsoft Docs: Prepare a Win32 app to be uploaded to Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

IntuneWinAppUtil.exe: GitHub - microsoft/Microsoft-Win32-Content-Prep-Tool: A tool to wrap Win32 App and then it can be uploaded to Intune

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