Installation Bootstrapper
  • 03 Mar 2022
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Installation Bootstrapper

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Liquit Agent Bootstrapper is a small tool to assist in installation or updating of the Liquit Workspace Agent, and optionally in running a deployment after installation.

The bootstrapper requires Liquit Workspace Server and Agent 3.9.2712 or higher to function properly!

The bootstrapper can be downloaded here.


Downloading Agent.MSI

The tool will first check if there is an Agent.MSI file already available next to itself. If not, it will try to download it instead.

To download the file the tool needs a direct download URL. If the command /downloadUrl= is specified it will use this. Otherwise it will attempt to open Agent.XML to get the server zone URL.

The latter step, using the static zone URL, only functions on Server 3.9.2608 or higher. If you are using an earlier version of the server, and are not including the MSI file with the tool, then /downloadUrl= is required.

Static Zone URL

If you are using Liquit Workspace Server 3.9.2608 or higher, then the tool can use the server URL specified in Agent.XML to attempt to download the file directly from the Workspace Server.

NOTE: If you are using a version lower than Liquit Workspace Server 3.9.2608, the static zone URL fetch will not function. You must specify a direct download URL to the MSI file via command line or include the Agent.MSI file with the Bootstrapper before running.

Running Agent.MSI

It will then run msiexec on the Agent.MSI and check for a successful install.

If the /startDeployment flag is specified, the bootstrapper will run the command 'ShellAPI deployment run' after a successful MSI installation.

If you'd like the application to wait until deployment is finished, you can use the flag /waitForDeployment.

Command Line Options

All commands are case insensitive.

Command Description
/? or /help Lists the available commands with a quick description of its function.
/forceDownload Force the download from URL even if Agent.MSI is locally available.
/downloadUrl= Uses the input after '=' as the download URL, instead of the static address.
/startDeployment Runs the command 'ShellAPI deployment start' after installing the Workspace Agent.
/waitForDeployment Halts execution for the program as long as the deployment process is running. Will only work in combination with the parameter /startDeployment.
/skipOverrideConfig Will not include 'OVERRIDE_CONFIG=1' for the MSI installation. See here for more info.
/logPath=c:\install Specifies the directory where the log files will be placed in, if not specified, the current working directory will be used.

Change log



  • Liquit Agent Bootstrapper is out of preview.
  • Writes to a log file and logs the MSI installation.
  • Added logPath command line option.
  • Detect if the Agent service is running after Agent installation and attempts to start it if not running.


  • First public release

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