URL Parameters
  • 01 Nov 2023
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URL Parameters

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The URL parameters described in this article can be used to configure the look and feel of Liquit Workspace.
You can combine multiple parameters within a URL. For example sso with embed and background, all enabled:


All the parameters listed below are case-sensitive.
Where applicable, the 0 value means disabled and 1 means enabled.

OptionDefault valueDescription
sso0Enable or disable Single sign-on.
embed0When enabled, Liquit Workspace will display a more simple interface for iframes. The Side Menu and tabs (Workspace, Contacts, Catalog, Manage) are hidden. Only the toolbar without the Side Menu toggler is displayed.
text-colorSet the color of text for app icons in the Workspace tab.
The values have to be hexadecimal without the # prefix, e.g.: <code> https://workspace.liquit.com/?embed=1&text-color=000000
text-shadow0Enable or disable the text shadow for app icons in the Workspace tab.
background0Control user background image. If enabled, in order to work, you must also enable the embed option.
sidemenu[empty]Display only a part of the Side Menu:
  • default (show all parts)
  • filters
  • tags
  • teams
If no value is given, then the whole Side Menu will be hidden. In order to work, you must also enable the embed option.
contextmenu1When enabled, the context menu is available across Liquit Launcher.
identitySourceSet as default a specific identity source. You can also enable the SSO option to trigger SSO for the identity source you specify, when multiple ones are visible.
pageDisplay a specific page when the user logs in. The available options are:
  • catalog
  • manage
  • contacts
  • userportal
  • package
The package parameter can be extended by adding a package ID as follows:
tiles0When enabled, Liquit Launcher uses the tile-themed skin.

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