• 28 Nov 2022
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Below is a comlete list of all possible privileges and their description.

content.addAllow upload of all content
content.adduserOnly allow upload of images
devicecollection.addAllow creating new Device Collections
devicecollection.viewAllow viewing of Device Collections, list and single entity
devicecollection.modifyAllow modification of Device Collections
devicecollection.removeAllow for removal of Device Collections
devicecollection.wakeAllow to wake Device Collections
device.registerAllow to register Device
device.viewAllow viewing of Devices, list and single entity
device.modifyAllow modification of Devices
device.removeAllow for removal Devices
device.wakeAllow to wake Devices
device.remotecontrolAllow remote control on Devices
group.viewAllow to view Groups
group.addAllow to create Groups
group.modifyAllow modification of groups
group.removeAllow to removal of groups
team.addAllow to create new Teams
team.viewAllow viewing Teams, list and single entity
team.modifyAllow modification of teams
team.removeAllow removal of teams
user.addAllow creating new user in the local Identity Source
user.viewAllow viewing Users, list and single entity
user.modifyAllow for modification of users in the local Identity Source
user.removeAllow for removal of users in the local Identity Source
user.remotecontrolAllow remote control on users
user.resetworkspaceAllow reset workspace on users
connector.addAllow to create new Connectors
connector.viewAllow viewing Connectors, list and single entity
connector.modifyAllowing modification of Connectors
connector.removeAllow for removal of Connectors
license.addAllow for creating new Licenses
license.viewAllow viewing Licenses, list and single entity
license.modifyAllow modification of Licenses
license.removeAllow removal of Licenses
package.addAllow creating new Packages
package.viewAllow viewing Packages, list and single entity
package.modifyAllow modification of Packages
package.removeAllow removal of Packages
deployment.addAllow for creating new Deployments
deployment.viewAllow viewing Deployments, list and single entity
deployment.modifyAllow for modification of Deployments
deployment.removeAllow for removal of Deployments
resource.viewAllow to view the Connector resources, list and single entity
tag.addAllow for creating new Tags
tag.viewAllow for viewing Tags, list and single entity
tag.modifyAllow for modification of Tags
tag.removeAllow for removal of Tags
scheduledtask.addAllow creation of Scheduled Tasks
scheduledtask.viewAllow to view Scheduled Tasks, list and single entity
scheduledtask.modifyAllow modification of Scheduled Tasks
scheduledtask.removeAllow for removal of Scheduled Tasks
scheduledtask.startAllow for Scheduled Tasks to be started
mailserver.addAllow creation of Mail Servers
mailserver.viewAllow viewing Mail Servers, list and single entity
mailserver.modifyAllow for modification of Mail Servers
mailserver.removeAllow for removal of Mail Servers
server.addAllow creation of Servers
server.viewAllow viewing of Servers, list and single entity
server.modifyAllow for modification of Servers
server.removeAllow removal of Servers
systemupdate.viewAllow viewing of System Updates
systemupdate.installAllow installing of System Updates
view.addAllow creation of System Views
view.viewAllow viewing System Views, list and single entity
view.modifyAllow modification of System Views
view.removeAllow removal of System Views
zone.addAllow creation of Zones
zone.viewAllow viewing zones, list and single entity
zone.modifyAllow modification of Zones
zone.removeAllow removal of Zones
zone.access.webAllow zone Web access
zone.access.apiAllow Zone API access
zone.access.connectorAllow Connector Access
authenticator.addAllow creation of Authenticators
authenticator.viewAllow viewing Authenticators, list and single entity
authenticator.modifyAllow modification of Authenticators
authenticator.removeAllow for removal of Authenticators
context.addAllow creation of Contexts
context.viewAllow viewing Contexts, list and single entity
context.modifyAllow modification of Contexts
context.removeAllow removal of Contexts
credential.addAllow creation of Credentials
credential.viewAllow viewing Credentials, list and single entity
credential.modifyAllow modification of Credentials
credential.removeAllow removal of Credentials
identitysource.addAllow creation of identity Sources
identitysource.viewAllow viewing Identity Sources, list and single entity
identitysource.modifyAllow modification of Identity Sources
identitysource.removeAllow removal of Identity Sources
permission.addAllow the creation of Permissions
permission.viewAllow viewing Permissions, list and single entity
permission.modifyAllow modification of Permissions
permission.removeAllow removal of Permissions
policy.addAllow creation of Access Policies
policy.viewAllow viewing Access Policies, list and single entity
policy.modifyAllow modification of Access policies
policy.removeAllow removal of Access Policies
event.viewAllow viewing events, list and single entity
event.removeAllow removal of events
contact.viewShow the Contacts page
workspace.resetAllow user triggered Workspace reset
workspace.changepasswordAllow user to reset their password
workspace.item.viewAllow viewing Workspace applications
workspace.item.autolaunchAllow marking an application as AutoLaunch
workspace.item.favoriteAllow for favoriting applications
workspace.item.renameAllow to rename applications in the Workspace
workspace.item.removeAllow for removal of applications from the Workspace
workspace.personal.addAllow for creation of personal applications
workspace.personal.modifyAllow for modification of personal applications
workspace.personal.removeAllow removal of personal applications creation of personal Teams viewing personal Teams modification of personal Teams removal personal Teams
workspace.credential.viewLet the user view their Credentials
workspace.credential.modifyLet the user modify their Credentials
workspace.credential.removeLet the user remove their Credentials
workspace.approval.viewLet users view their approvals
workspace.approval.rejectLet users reject approvals
workspace.approval.acceptLet users accept approvals
workspace.approval.removeLet users remove approvals
workspace.tag.viewLet users view tags
variable.addAllow creation of variables
variable.viewAllow viewing of variables
variable.modifyAllow modification of variables
variable.removeAllow removal of variables
catalog.viewLet the user view their Catalog
catalog.requestLet users request applications in the Catalog
catalog.cancelAllow users to cancel their requested application users to add a review to an application users to view reviews made by other users
certificate.addallow creation of certificates
certificate.viewAllow viewing of certificates
certificate.modifyAllow modification of certificates
certificate.removeAllow removal of certificates
identityprovider.addallow creation of Identity Providers
identityprovider.viewAllow viewing of Identity Providers
identityprovider.modifyAllow modification of Identity Providers
identityprovider.removeAllow removal of Identity Providers

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