• 26 Mar 2020
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Below is a complete list of all possible filtertypes and their friendly name.

Technical name Friendly name
agent Agent available
agentdeployment Agent deployment mode
agentversion Agent version
devicefqdn Device FQDN
devicename Device name
direxists Directory exists
diskfreespace Free disk space
envvarexists Environment variable exists
envvarvalue Environment variable value
fileexists File exists
filesize File size
fileversion File version
pathexists Path exists
location Context
msiinstalled MSI Installed
platform Platform
platformarch Platform architecture
platformtype Platform type
platformversion Platform version
processexists Process exists
regkeyexists Registry key exists
regvalue Registry value
regvalueexists Registry value exists
serviceexists Service exists
servicestate Service state
systemmanufacturer System manufacturer
systemmodel System model
winappinstalled Windows App installed
winappinstalledversion Windows App installed version
winappstaged Windows App staged
winappstagedversion Windows App staged version
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