• 28 Nov 2022
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Below is a complete list of all possible filter types and their friendly name as listed within the Liquit Workspace.

agentAgent available
agentdeploymentAgent deployment mode
agentofflineAgent offline mode
agenttypeAgent type
agentversionAgent version
conditionsetCondition set
currentlanguagePlatform user language
devicefqdnDevice FQDN
devicenameDevice name
direxistsDirectory exists
diskfreespaceFree disk space
envvarexistsEnvironment variable exists
envvarvalueEnvironment variable value
fileexistsFile exists
filesizeFile size
fileversionFile version
macappinstalledMac App installed
macappinstalledversionMac App installed version
msiinstalledMSI installed
msiinstalledversionMSI installed version
networkpingNetwork ping
packageavailablePackage available
packagedistributedPackage distributed
packageinstalledPackage installed
pathexistsPath exists
platformarchPlatform architecture
platformlanguagePlatform language
platformversionPlatform version
printerexistsPrinter exists
processexistsProcess exists
regkeyexistsRegistry key exists
regvalueRegistry value
regvalueexistsRegistry value exists
serviceexistsService exists
servicestateService state
systemmanufacturerSystem manufacturer
systemmodelSystem model
urlschemeexistsURL scheme exists
varexistsVariable exists
varvalueVariable value
winappinstalledWindows App installed
winappinstalledversionWindows App installed version
winappstagedWindows App staged
winappstagedversionWindows App staged version
wmiqueryWMI query
wmiquerycountWMI query count

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