Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • 23 May 2023
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Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

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Article Summary

The Release and Patch management license is required for this connector.

The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is a push connector that allows you to publish Liquit Workspace packages to Microsoft SCCM.

For more information about the Overview, Entitlements, Synchronization Profile, Releases and Managed packages screens, see Overview.

Settings screen

This screen contains all information on how to connect to your Microsoft SCCM environment.

Address - The DNS name of your Microsoft SCCM.
Username - The username used for connecting, which should be an AD domain username. If not provided, the credentials of the service account on which the Liquit Workspace server is running (can also be a satellite service account) will be used.
Password - The password used in conjunction with the username to connect.
Site Code - The site code that should be used (.e.g. "PS1")
Content path - The network path to store files for the Microsoft SCCM (e.g. "\cm01\d$\liquit").
Assembly path - The local path to the 'bin' directory, where the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager administration console is installed (e.g. "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin").
Language - What language should be set for the newly created applications with Microsoft SCCM.
Application folder - The name of the Application Management folder within the Software Library workspace of the Microsoft SCCM where the applications will be moved after creation. This folder must exist before applications can be moved.

Scoping screen

This screen shows you the settings to control which packages will be sent to Microsoft SCCM.

Unscoped - All applicable packages will be synchronized
Unscoped Stage - Available if the Unscoped check box is selected. It represents the stage of the package that will be used as source.
Identities - Available if the Unscoped check box is cleared. The packages entitled to the identities you specify in this table will be pushed to Microsoft SCCM.

Updates screen

This screen shows you a list of new and updated packages that are ready to be synchronized to Microsoft SCCM.

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