• 23 Feb 2023
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The Catalog tab displays all applications made available to you by your system administrator.

To help you familiarize with the application catalog we have offered a number of options to gain insight into the applications available to you:

Featured applications

The applications featured by your organisation will be displayed at top of the Catalog tab. See the Outlook app in the following image.


Predefined categories

Immediately below the featured application section, three predefined categories are displayed:

  • Latest Apps last edited by the system administrator.
  • Trending The most requested or got apps within last week.
  • Popular The most requested or got apps within last month.


By default, the following filters are made available to you in the Side Menu, in order to easily find applications.

NameApplications filtered
AllAll applications
Pending approvalOnly applications you have requested and have not yet been approved
Local appsOnly local applications
WebOnly applications pointing to a web address
RejectedOnly applications you have been denied access to
ApprovalsThis option is available to you only if you have been appointed as an approver by an administrator. This view allows you to approve, deny or ignore approval requests.


When selecting a category in the Side Menu, only applications assigned to that category will be shown. Categories are used for a more granular organization of the applications you have access to.


When selecting a tag in the Side Menu, only applications assigned to that tag will be shown.


Only system administrators can create tag and categories and assign them to applications.

Catalog information screen

When you click on an application in the Catalog tab, the catalog information screen will open. Here you can view the general details of an application, related media, FAQ, reviews and ratings given by your coworkers, all which can help you decide if the application suits your needs.
You can also add your own reviews and ratings.

How to get an app in the Workspace

To get an app from Catalog to Workspace, you have to click on the Get button displayed on the application, or in the catalog information screen of the app.

How to request an app and add it to Workspace

After you receive the necessary permissions from your system administrator, follow the next steps to approve requested applications:

  1. In Catalog, click on the Request button of a tile.
  2. In the Side Menu, go to Filters > Approvals.
  3. Select the app you previously requested and click Approve in the table toolbar.
  4. When prompted if you want to approve the app, click Confirm.
  5. Go to the Workspace tab again and you will see that the app has been added.

Removing an app - If you remove an app from the Workspace tab, you can get it anytime back by clicking the Get button on the app tile in the Catalog tab. If you remove it from the Workspace tab and the Approvals filter, you just have to repeat the request process described above.

Rejecting an app - If for whatever reason you decide at step 3 to reject the application, you will be prompted to write a message. When you finish, the app will be move to the Rejected filter and your system administrator will receive your message.

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