Platform language
  • 23 Feb 2023
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Platform language

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Use the Platform language filter to create a rule based on the system locale of devices. To filter by the user's display language, see Platform user language.

TypePlatform language
CompareEqual, Not equal, Contains, Doesn't contain, Starts with, Ends with
ValueFor this filter you must insert the language ISO code (ISO-639) followed by a hyphen (-) followed by the country ISO code (ISO-3166). E.g. en-US, de-DE or fr-FR. Note that the operator is case-sensitive in this case.

It requires the Agent to be running.

Note that a device has only one system locale (Platform language) but can have multiple display languages (Platform user language) configured for different users accessing the same device.

You can view the language of a device's system locale in:

  • Manage > Devices > Overview screen of an opened device
  • on the local machine in User Menu > Diagnostics > Device

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