Liquit Workspace PowerShell Module
  • 06 Oct 2023
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Liquit Workspace PowerShell Module

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Article summary

The Liquit Workspace PowerShell Module contains cmdlets based on Microsoft PowerShell for automating Liquit Workspace administration.

What you will find in this documentation section

This documentation section contains information about:

  • How to connect to your Workspace environment
  • System requirements
  • An overview of the cmdlets, their respective properties and how to use them
  • An overview of configurable properties e.g. Actions
  • Samples

This documentation section is intended for

This guide is intended for administrators who want to automate the Liquit Workspace. A thorough understanding of Liquit Workspace, PowerShell basics, PowerShell cmdlets and modules, scripting and automation, variables and operators, and expertise in error handling and debugging are also desired.

Note that the content of this documentation is based on the latest available version of Liquit Workspace.

Downloads (msi) or NuGet package


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