Microsoft SharePoint web part
  • 24 Nov 2023
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Microsoft SharePoint web part

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Article Summary

When you add the Liquit Workspace SharePoint webpart for the first time to your SharePoint Workspace, the following screen will be shown:

Initial setup.png

To make changes to the SharePoint webpart you need to edit it. To do this, hover over the Liquit Workspace SharePoint webpart and click on the edit1x pencil icon.

The following property pane will be displayed.

Configuration options


NameDescriptionPaneDefault value
ZoneThe FQDN on which the targeted Liquit Workspace zone can be found (e.g.
Identity sourceThe identity source needed to authenticate. You need to select a shared identity source for this. If you have for example Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) setup this would be an ideal choice. The name should correspond with the name in Liquit Workspace.Connection
TitleAn optional title to be shown above the Liquit Workspace Microsoft SharePoint webpart. When you use a “Classic” SharePoint page to display the webpart, Microsoft SharePoint will automatically prepend the word "Webpart" to the “Liquit Workspace” title.Layout
Show titleif enabled, the configured title will be displayed.LayoutOff
ShowThis dropdown allows you to select the desired view. You can switch between a catalog or workspace view.LayoutWorkspace
Icon SizeAllows you to select the desired icon size:
  • Small: Shows small icons
  • Medium: Shows medium icons
  • Large: Shows large icons
SortingAllows you to set the default sorting:
  • No sorting: Reverts back to the user-defined sorting.
  • Sort ascending: Sorts the applications in ascending alphabetical order.
  • Sort descending: Sorts the applications in descending alphabetical order.
  • Sort on popularity (user): Sorts the applications by how many times the user has initiated an application.
  • Sort on usage: Sorts the applications by usage; the last used application will appear first followed by the second last used and so on.
LayoutNo sorting
Show apps as tilesIf enabled, the application icons will be rendered as tiles.LayoutOff
ThemeAllows you to select your desired SharePoint site theme:
  • Light theme
  • Dark theme
LayoutLight theme
FiltersDefines whether or not filters should be displayed in the Liquit Workspace Microsoft SharePoint webpart.FiltersOn
Use pop up authenticationThis enables the popup authentication, which should be used when a Liquit Workspace session cannot be guaranteed.AdvancedOff

Security settings

If you enable Content Security Policy (CSP) and/or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing for your Liquit Workspace zone, it is important that you add the entries listed below to the websites. This will ensure that Microsoft SharePoint is able to communicate with your Liquit Workspace zone.

    [your SharePoint tenant]-*

If you want to more be specific you can enhance this even further:

[your SharePoint tenant]-[app-id]



Viva Connections

It is also possible to integrate the SharePoint web part with Viva Connections. You can do this by setting up Viva Connections and adding the Liquit Workspace SharePoint webpart to the chosen page.

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