Liquit Workspace
  • 25 Mar 2024
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Liquit Workspace

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Article summary

Liquit Workspace is removing the complexity around the delivery method of the applications and can assist you in your process of ensuring the stability, reliability, and optimal functioning of applications and other resources across company.
Through the Catalog of applications, every eligible user is able to request or gain access to apps in compliance with a standardized workflow.
Application icons are displayed via a customizable web portal/desktop launcher that allows users to personalize the look and feel of their workspace according to their own needs.

Read more about the architecture and deployment methods of Liquit Workspace in the Architecture article.

Additional licenses

The following products are available as separate licenses that can further enhance both the user experience as well as automate tasks to make it easier for the system administrator:

Liquit Access Manager

Liquit Access Manager is a completely integrated single sign-on solution that works smoothly with Liquit Workspace to provide simple, contextual, immediate access to the hundreds of applications your business needs to keep moving.

The following features are provided with the Access Manager license:

Liquit Release & Patch Management

Liquit Release & Patch Management is a solution which assists you in ensuring that the latest patches and updates run on devices across all applications, versions, platforms, and environments.

This documentation section is intended for

Administrators who are responsible for the preliminary setup and for management of Liquit Workspace. Proficiency in Windows and Mac operating systems, networking and infrastructure, application deployment and familiarity with security concepts and compliance requirements are also desired.

What you will find in this documentation section

This documentation section contains information about:

  • Installation and upgrading
  • Features
  • Architecture
  • How to run the application
  • Troubleshooting

Note that the content of this documentation is based on the latest available version of Liquit Workspace.

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