Upgrade from 2.6
  • 12 Feb 2021
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Upgrade from 2.6

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Please read the following information carefully before planning the upgrade to Liquit Workspace 3.5. Unlike minor updates of Liquit Workspace, the upgrade to Liquit Workspace 3.5 requires a database migration, during this time Liquit Workspace will be unavailable to all users. Because of this we strongly recommend performing the Liquit Workspace upgrade outside of work hours. To limit user impact.

To upgrade from 2.6 to 3.x, you need to upgrade to 3.5 first. Higher versions of 3.5 can not migrate from 2.6 directly and the installer will refuse to install. You can upgrade to the latest version of Liquit Workspace after all agents have been upgraded to atleast 3.5.
Download Liquit Workspace Server 3.5 Build 2328.


  • Only upgrading from Liquit Workspace 2.6.2 or higher is supported.
  • Upgrading to Liquit Workspace 3.5 requires a database migration, which is build in to the server installation.
  • Liquit Workspace Server 2.6 is unable to communicate with the 3.5 database.
  • The database upgrade usually takes about 30 minutes for 10.000 users when migrating a local SQL database. The duration will be greather when migrating a Azure SQL database , and can be up to 5 times, depending on the cost tier. During this time, Liquit Workspace will be unavailable until the database migration is completed.

If an identity source is making use of federated authentication (OAuth2), make sure that all URL's are having a valid value specified, if not, the upgrade might fail.


Only Liquit Workspace agents running 2.5 or higher are supported with Liquit Workspace 3.5.
Please ensure all agents are atleast 2.5 or higher, older versions will no longer be able to communicate with the Liquit Workspace 3.5 environment. It is highly recommended to upgrade all agents to 3.5 as soon as possible.

The 3.x agent enables several security features by default which were optional in 2.6.4. This could cause issues within your environment when:


After a successful upgrade to 3.5, all existing sessions will be logged off, causing all login sessions to expire. This can disrupt the user when performing a launch or navigation action within Liquit Workspace. If SSO is configured, users will automatically be logged back in.

Remote Control

There are serveral changes to how Remote Control works within Liquit Workspace 3.5. This could break Remote Control after upgrading, and manual changes are required:

  • Packages now need to have an entitlement to administrators published as hidden packages.
  • Remote control is not available on agents of version 2.6.4 or prior.

Portal integration

Contact your portal vendor whether or not the latest version of Liquit Workspace is supported.


Keep in mind cmdlets and syntax have been changed, PowerShell scripts developed for older versions are not compatible with the new Liquit PowerShell module.

Upgrade steps

  • Ensure all system requirements are met.
  • Backup the Liquit Workspace SQL database.
  • Backup the Liquit Workspace server(s).
  • Stop the Liquit Workspace service on all servers.
  • Install Liquit Workspace Server 3.5 on the first server. This will warn about a database upgrade that is required.
  • Install Liquit Workspace Server 3.5 on all remaining servers.


The Liquit Workspace Server 3.5 installer will ask how many days in the events table you want to migrate. An higher number can significantly increase migration times. Entering a value of 0 will not migrate any events.

When database migration fails, please collect the following logs and send them to support
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