Platform user language
  • 14 Mar 2023
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Platform user language

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The Platform user language does not filter devices, but rather users based on the display language of the operating system.
To filter by system locale of devices, see Platform language.

Type Platform user language
Compare Equal, Not equal, Contains, Doesn't contain, Starts with, Ends with
Value For this filter you must insert the language ISO code (ISO-639) followed by a hyphen (-) followed by the country ISO code (ISO-3166). E.g. en-US, de-DE or fr-FR. Note that the operator is case-sensitive in this case.

This action requires the Agent to be running.

Note that a device has only one system locale (Platform language) but can have multiple display languages (Platform user language) configured for different users accessing the same device.

You can view the display language of a user session on the local device in User Portal > Diagnostics > User > Local session > Language.

Scenario: You create context A with a Platform user language filter configured for fr-FR. Then you create a package with an action that has a context filter with context A selected. If you log in to a user account which has the system local set to fr-FR you will observe the following:

  • in User Portal > Diagnostics > User > Context, your configured context will be displayed
  • the action related to the package will run

Supported platforms

Platform Supported
Web Yes
Windows Yes
macOS Yes

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