Microsoft Print Server
  • 29 May 2020
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Microsoft Print Server

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The Microsoft Print Server connector allows you to import printers from a print server as packages. To setup a connection to the Microsoft Print Server a few things are required:

  • The hostname of the Microsoft Print Server.
  • An username to connect to the Microsoft Print Server.
  • The password that corresponds with the username.


The “details” screen will ask you to fill in basic information for the connector. The fields available are as follows:

Name Description Required
Name A friendly name for the connector (e.g. Microsoft Print Server), the name will help you identify the connector. Yes
Server Satellite Server that hosts this connector No
Method Determines how the connector should be synchronized, the following options are available:
  • On-demand Allows you to choose which attached packages should be updated.
  • Synchronize This option will automatically synchronize your packages with new available information.
Direction Determins which direction the connector functions
  • Push Connector will create packages in the connected system.
  • Pull Packages can be created from resources.
Publish Determines the package stage will be used to publish the action sets in, by default the following options are available:
  • Development the action sets will be published in the stage “Development”
  • Test the action sets will be published in the stage “Test”
  • Acceptance the action sets will be published in the stage “Acceptance”
  • Production the action sets will be published in the stage “Production”
Enabled Determines whether or not a connector is available No
Package name prefix The default prefix for package names, this can be helpful to easily identify all packages originating from a certain connector No
Description A description for the connector No


This page is only available on “On-demand” connectors.

Name Description Required
Default package type This option determines the way a package will be created, the following options are available:
  • Managed managed packages have an action set that is locked. You are still able to add new action sets to the package.
  • Unmanaged No locked action sets are added, but the package won’t be eligible for automatic updates.


Name Description Required
Hostname The hostname on which the Microsoft Print Server is available. Yes
Username The username which will be used to import the applications, the identity needs to be prefixed by the identity source name as specified in the targeted Liquit Workspace environment Yes
Password The password that should be used for the identity. Yes


This page allows you to define the way snapshots should be created on packages, the following fields are available to define the behavior:

Name Description Required
Publish How to publish the packages by default, the following options are available:
  • Catalog publishes the packages as requestable packages in the catalog.
  • Workspace publish the packages directly to the workspace.
  • Force the packages will be published in the workspace, the user won’t be able to remove them.
Enable snapshot retention Enables the more advanced options for snapshots creation No

Remove snapshots older than

Name Description Required
Enabled Enables automatic snapshot removal No
Days The number of days that should have gone by before automatic removal.

Keep number of snapshots

Name Description Required
Enabled Enables perseveration of a number of snapshots No
Count The number snapshots that should be preserved.

Managed Packages

This page shows a list of packages that are managed by this connector.

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