• 27 Apr 2023
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Deployments are used to sequence a set of application installations during the imaging process of both virtual and physical devices. For more information about starting or enabling deployments, see Agent Configuration for Liquit Workspace Agent and Agent Configuration for Liquit Universal Agent.


The details screen provides a few basic options to configure the Deployment.

NameThe friendly name for the Deployment
EnabledDetermines if the Deployment is active
DescriptionA description for the Deployment


The “Assignments” tab allows you to add Contexts, Devices, and Device Collections to the Deployment. You can do so by using the search bar, you can also remove or change the type of assignment in this tab. When you assign a Context, Device or Device Collection you can choose which stage of a package needs to be Assigned to the selected identity.



Filters allow you to define when a deployment is available for a device based on certain requirements. For example: only enable the deployment if a certain file is available on the device that the deployment is assigned to.

Filters are contained by Filter Sets, it is possible to use these sets in a OR or a AND clause, as can be seen below:


For more information about the filters used for deployments, see the package filters article.


The “Packages” tab shows a list of Packages associated with the Deployment. In the List you can add, edit and remove Packages associated with the Deployment. The following columns are available.

NameThe technical name for the Package
ActionThe type of Action Sets that should be executed by the Deployment
EnabledWhether or not the Package will be executed by the Deployment
Ignore errorsIf this enabled the Deployment will not be aborted when encountering an error

When creating or editing a package you are able to assign filters which determine whether or not a Package should be executed by the Deployment. For more information, see a full list of all the package filters.

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